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Ethics and Social Responsibility

There is no point in preaching a more conscious and more sustainable world without talking about ethics, about people. At Hatha, we value respect and “fairness”. We ensure our workers receive the respect they deserve and earn enough to support themselves and their families without working too hard. This is our responsibility.  We work in harmony and in alignment with our ultimate goals.

Your clothing tells a story, make it ethical.

Wear Hatha and join the movement for a more sustainable planet.

We are beyond clothing manufacturing, our mission is to inspire positive changes. Hatha loves fashion, but we love our planet even more. That’s why we believe in a manufacturing model that values minimal ecological footprint. 

If we want to fight for a better world, we must rethink the way we consume. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Imagine a truckload of clothes falling into a landfill every 60 seconds? Unfortunately, a big percentage of those clothes are made with Polyester which takes hundreds of years to decompose in the landfill. 

Start asking questions about your clothes in the same way you ask about the food you eat.

. Every sustainably-minded decision you make can help to reduce the impact on the environment.

How we’re keeping it Green

1 We only use sustainable and truly biodegradable fabrics. Made with Amni Soul Eco®, the world’s first biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn, our fabrics decompose in about 5 years after being disposed into landfills. This does NOT mean it will disintegrate while you’re wearing it! It simply means, unlike other synthetic fabrics, Amni Soul Eco® naturally decomposes leaving no trace behind.

Plastic-free packaging

2 Each year, our oceans fill up with single-use plastic. At Hatha, both our mailer and garment bags are either home and commercially compostable. They hold certifications which meet the Australian standards (AS5810 and AS4736) administered by the Australasian Bioplastics Australia (ABA). Our supply chain also complies with ISO 14001 standards, ensuring environmentally ethical sourcing and production.